Your car air conditioner may be slowly killing you !!!

Millions of drivers are inhaling hazardous air as air-con systems in popular cars fail to filter toxic particles. The poor ventilation in some cars is unable to throw out toxic particles coming mainly from other vehicle’s exhausts and can cause asthma attacks and other illnesses.

In a startling revelation, researchers at Emissions Analytics in Britain analysed pollution of the air inside 11 cars and discovered Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Toyota C-HR were the three worst performers. Emissions Analytics, an independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions, stated that Toyota C-HR removed just one per cent of poisonous particles, VW Polo removed 35 per cent, and Ford Fiesta threw out 40 per cent of particles on a polluted road. While, Meredes-Benz E-class filtered out 90 per cent of pollutants even in heavy traffic.

Nick Molden, CEO at Emissions Analytics, said one of the key problems was that there are no government standards for the filtration systems. “There is little data to tell consumers what they are buying. So if you have kids with asthma or other conditions you cannot tell if the car you are buying will protect them,” Daily Mail quoted Molden as saying in The Sunday Times.
According to Emissions Analytics, 57,000 toxic particles are found in every cubic centimetre of roadside air samples, strongly indicating drivers are inhaling up to 28million particles with every breath.
Post the shocking data, Volkswagen said its cars were fitted with multiple filters to remove particles and it ‘planned to fit a particulate sensor in future models’. While, Toyota – a family favourite in the UK said it was not aware of the problem and it will be looking into the ‘surprising’ figures.


Via: Khaleej Times



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