Woven Tower for Dubai…..its really amazing!!!!

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The impressive design for Woven Tower is created for a location in Dubai by. The proposed structure aims to capture several aspects of Arab culture: its tribal society and the trans-regional entrepreneurship. The building’s appearance refers to the date palm which, along with fruits and fronds continue to be an important product in Dubai’s everyday life.


Dubai tower


The twining maze of the building’s exterior simultaneously represents the network of trade and commerce routes that have, through history, arrived and departed from Dubai. The exterior also commemorates the tribal legacy and reminds of the dynamic maze of tribal affiliations that has given Dubai’s society its basic cohesion.

Have a look on these pictures…


Woven Tower


Giuseppe Farris


Woven Tower


Functionally, the building’s interior continues this celebration of the tribal cornerstone of Dubai identity. At ground level, it is an open structure, hence symbolizing the hospitality of the Dubai people and inviting all to enter. Visitors may find at different levels outside and inside the structure different kinds of majlis.



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