World’s Largest Dome Roof is underconstruction.

World Largest Dom Roof
Singapore Sports Hub To Have World’s Largest Dome Roof

 The construction of Singapore Sports Hub has began in full swing with an expected completion in 2014. The construction was halted in 2011 because of few issues; but now the cranes are in full action at the construction site located at the Marina Channel on the northwest of the downtown. Once completed, the Singapore Sports Hub will become a construction marvel in Singapore. The stadium will have space for 55000 sports fans sheltered by  20,000 sq.m moving roof. The roof will be covered by multi-layer ETFE pillow and it will also host a large array of LED lights thus making it one of the largest LED screens in the world. ARUP has designed this stadium.


Singapore Sports Hub To Have World’s Largest Dome Roof


ARUP’s Clive Lewis, the lead designer of the sports venue says that Singapore’s climate offered a greater challenge. He says that the design team wanted to keep the rain and heat out but also provide an open space for the sports activities. That’s one of the reasons the  stadium is naturally ventilated incorporating a mobile roof and offer comfortable environment inside even during the hottest day. ARUP’s team used an in-house designed software to create 3D models of the stadium. The dome itself weighs about 8,057 metric tons and the design allowed structural weight of only 100 kg/sq.m. 

Source : ARUP

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