Verifying records of 601 degree holders acquired from Athens, Philippines and India.

The Ministry of Higher Education is currently examining the records and qualifications of some 601 holders of Doctorate of and Masters Degrees prior to revealing the full truth about the authenticity of the certificates after some social media activists circulated the names of those who received their Doctorates and Masters from Asian universities.

According to the circulated information, there are 10 Kuwaitis who have a Doctorate in Literature from the University of Athens and 39 PhD and Masters Degrees from the same university in Administrative Sciences and 81 in Engineering, one person in the field of education, 8 in science and 10 in law.

For those holding PhD and Masters Degrees from the Philippine universities, 218 acquired in engineering, 17 in Pharmacy, 3 in Business Administration, 11 in Accounting, 3 in Education, 35 in Administrative Sciences, one in Nursing and one in Human Resources.

For universities in India, there are 113 holders of PhD or Masters Degrees or even a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, 2 in Arts, 26 in Business Administration, 6 in Computer, 13 in Engineering, 1 in Pharmacy and 2 in Medicine and Surgery.

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