US Congresswoman takes oath using Quran printed in Kuwait

Somali-born Ilhan Omar has officially been sworn-in to represent her constituency in the state of Minnesota at the House of Representatives. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, put her hand on a copy of the Holy Quran and took her oath, in the presence of the House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Thirty-one-year-old Omar also became the first to wear hijab in US Congress, overcoming a 181-year headwear ban. Rules were changed to allow Omar, a Muslim sworn in on the Quran, to wear a religious head covering on the floor of the House. There had been a 181-year ban on headwear of any type in the chamber.

The Holy Quran used by Ilhan during the sworn-in ceremony was one of the thousands of bilingual copies which were printed in Kuwait and distributed all over the world. Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib, from Michigan, also took her oath to become a congresswoman.

Tlaib, a Democrat, arrived on Capitol Hill to be sworn into the House of Representatives, was wearing a distinctive a traditional Palestinian thobe, without covering her head with a Hijab.

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