The Kuwait Seera Project

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The Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf is the driving force behind the initiative to establish The Seera Center honoring the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The Seera Centre will foster and support an understanding of the teaching of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the Islamic faith by using exhibitions and an interpretive ‘pathway’ that takes visitors through the key moments in his life and the impact that he had on the origin, growth, and spread of Islam.


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The project will use scholars, designers, and artists to create presentations in the form of exhibits, audio-visual programs, special events, lectures and other avenues that extol the life and time and merits of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It will give visitors a complete experience from four different aspects: spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional.

The project is in the design phase and will be located in West Mishref area, and is due for handover in 2013 for construction.


Source: Gulf Consult Kuwait

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