The Holy City Makkah’s $16.5bn Metro to start mid-2014

Makkah Al Mukarrama

The new project to develop a metro network integrated with a fast bus service in the holy city of Makkah is due to start next year.

According to Arab News, work on the first phase of the $16.5bn network will begin during the middle of next year. It will cost around $6.8bn (SR: 25.5bn) and will take three years to complete.

The first phase will involve building a 30-km line from Um Al-Qura University in Abidiya to Sayeda Aisha Mosque. A technical study has already been completed by Al-Balad Al-Ameen - a consultancy owned by the Makkah Mayoralty. It has been assisted by French firm Systra and BW Engineers, according to the report.


The metro network will be above ground until the third ring road when it moves underground. In total, the metro network will have four lines when complete linking 88 stations.

It is expected to be built in three phases over a ten-year period and will also link to two bus services linking other parts of the city. There will be a 60km rapid bus network within the city and a 65km local bus service for areas which are further outside.

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