The government of Algeria to float $1bn hotel refurb tender

Algeria to float $1bn hotel refurb tender

The government of Algeria is set to announce a tender to refurbish six four- and five-star hotels.The director of tourism for the Algiers province said that it is seeking foreign partners to assist the tourism ministry in renovating the properties, with work scheduled to complete within 12 months.

He added that the government is planning to carry out 713 hospitality projects within the next two years, including the building of over 480 hotels in major cities.Algeria's tourism industry is generally perceived to lag behind that of neighbouring countries.


However, tourism minister Mohamed Benmeradi recently revealed a sharp increase in visitor numbers for the first quarter of 2013. Some 400,000 foreign tourists visited the country during the period - up from 280,000 in the same period last year.

He added that he expects total visitor numbers for 2013 to reach around 1.8 million.

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