The first Kuwait Energy & Efficiency conference will hold on 2-4 June 2013.

First Kuwait Energy Conference
The first Kuwait Energy & Efficiency conference will take place at the Hilton Kuwait Resort on 2-4 June 2013. This high profile gathering of senior government officials and key private sector stakeholders is being organised in conjunction with the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kuwait Petroleum Company and the Environmental Public Authority, with the aim of creating a platform for meaningful discussion to establish an effective regulatory framework and energy efficiency strategy in Kuwait.
Kuwait’s increasing energy consumption has been driven by a number of factors. Heavily subsidized electricity prices, an increase in local and expatriate population, a rise in economic activity largely generated around oil production and increased penetration of modern conveniences such as cars and electrical goods has created a rising demand for energy which outstrips the oil rich country’s current capacity. Outdated infrastructure and the absence of an incentive structure to moderate energy usage have contributed to a difficult situation for the Kuwaiti government in planning for a sustainable future.
Kuwait Energy & Efficiency is the only conference to address the need for sustainable energy solutions in Kuwait and will be the first and only forum where policymakers come together with industry leaders to begin the process of mapping an energy efficiency plan for the country.
Topics include:
  • Establishing a regulatory framework to drive energy efficiency in Kuwait
  • Outlining Kuwait’s current energy consumption patterns and forecasting future requirements
  • An overview of sustainable energy solutions that have worked internationally and regionally and how these can be applied in Kuwait
  • Improving energy efficiency in power production including enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture and storage and the Clean Fuels Project
  • Introducing energy efficient design for a more sustainable built environment
  • The impact of new technologies such as smart fields and automation in improving energy efficiency
  • Assessing alternative and clean energy solutions such as solar, wind and waste to energy and the status of these projects in Kuwait
  • Demand management strategies and smart grid solutions
  • Energy efficiency in transport.

The first Kuwait Energy Conference

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