Tenders ready for Kuwait labor city projects. First city will be in Jahra governorate

Tenders ready for labor city projects – First city in Jahra governorate


KUWAIT: Public Works Minister Dr Fadhel Safar said that six BOT tenders are in place to build labor residence cities in various areas of the country. He said each city will house 40,000 laborers, adding that the projects will be processed through the initiatives committee and the first project will be in Jahra governorate.

Safar said all rules and conditions will be taken into consideration when the ministry builds new laborer cities, and they will be supervised by human rights organizations. He added the cities will have all essential services such as cooperatives, a police station, roads, transport, health centers and so on. He said the revenue from these cities will go to the state treasury.

Safar said that he visited several projects on Thursday including the building of the public prosecution files storage. He said the project covers 10,000 square meters, including special rooms for confiscated material. The tour included Jahra governorate building, which needs some repairs, in addition to immigration department in Farwaniya.

He said the ministry is trying to overcome laborer shortage by coordinating with Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, as approvals were given to bring in 100 laborers and technicians for Jaber Al-Ahmad hospital project, on temporary visa.

Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Construction Projects Hussam Al-Tahous said there are tenders for four new hospitals: a maternity hospital with 600-bed capacity, new Razi hospital, Ibn Sina and pediatrics hospital with 500-bed capacity. He said the ministry will receive offers next month. Al-Tahous said Jahra hospital’s construction decision was taken in cooperation with the Amiri Diwan, Health Ministry and Ministry of Public Works.

Director of expat labor housing project in Sabhan Hadi Al-Mutairi said the ministry is currently building two projects at a total cost of KD 35 million. He said Sabhan project accommodates 3,168 laborers while Shidadiya houses 8,200 workers. He said Sabhan project is almost ready, and only needs power to be connected, and the same goes for Shidadiya.


Source : Kuwait Times

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