Tender to be issued for new Abha airport Saudi Arabia.

Al Abha Airport  in Saudi Arabia's Asir  Province
Designs for a new airport at Abha in Saudi Arabia's Asir province have been completed and a tender for the project is expected to be floated by the country's General Authority for Civil Aviation soon.
The new airport will feature a passenger terminal that will accommodate up to five million passengers a year, 20 passenger airbridges, a parking area for 26 planes, new parking for up to 2,800 cars, a mosque for up to 1,000 worshippers, maintenance facilities and a series of other buildings for the police, administration, the Meteorology and Environment ministry and for technical support.
Dr. Faisal Bin Muhammad Al-Suqair, deputy chairman of GACA, said the project will be completed within two years, according to the Saudi Gazette.
The airport currently has services to several domestic destinationations within Saudi Arabia, as well as offering flights to the UAE, Cairo and to Aden and Sana'a in Yemen.
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