Shell restarts Iraq’s Majnoon oil field

Royal Dutch Shell has restarted production at Iraq’s Majnoon oil field, one of four giant fields core to the country’s plans to boost output and avoid a slowdown in exports this year.The Anglo-Dutch major in charge of operations at the southern Majnoon oil field, said yesterday it aims to boost output to 175,000 barrels per day (bpd) in October.

“We can confirm that we successfully opened the wells and restarted production in Majnoon,” a Shell spokesman said. “We are targeting production of 175,000bpd in the next weeks.”


Baghdad sent a letter of complaint to Shell last month for missing start-up dates at the 12-billion-barrel oil field, which was pumping about 45,000bpd when the company took over in 2010. Shell later suspended operations to carry out maintenance.

An official from Iraq’s South Oil Company, which oversees the running of the country’s southern oilfields, had a more ambitious target for Majnoon.

“The test restart of the oilfield will continue until the end of September and production of around 190,000 barrels per day is expected to be reached in October,” he said. Opec’s second-biggest producer expects its output to rise by 400,000 bpd by the end of this year, with Majnoon — which straddles the border with Iran – providing a big part of that.

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