Second phase of ” The Scientific Centre Kuwait ” is going to start.

 Scientific Center Kuwait Signing Ceremony

 Scientific Center Kuwait Signing Ceremony

The second development phase of the Scientific Center is now underway. Gulf Consult, in association with C7A, has signed the contract with The Scientific Center for the expansion programme, which includes for a Dolphinarium (Al Dalaphene), an Exploratorium (Dar Al Estikshaf) and various associated facilities. The expansion will take place in the west side of the existing facility and additional land that will be reclaimed from the Arabian Gulf, bringing the total area of the project site to about 8200 m².


The Dolphinarium will provide visitors with a dramatic new understanding of marine mammals as a critical part of ocean life, coupled with the excitement of performances and actual encounters. The Exploratorium will substantially expand the existing Discovery Place attraction, and address a far wider range of scientific concepts, with greater immersion and interactivity for visitors of all ages. Additional facilities in the new development include an auditorium, conference facilities, a marine mammal exhibition, museum shop, and restaurants.


The project will be in the design phase for about 16 months, and construction is expected to commence by November, 2014. Careful attention will be given to ensure that the iconic architectural quality of the existing building is respected, and that the expansion while complementing the dramatic statement, enhances the public appreciation that the Scientific Center currently enjoys.

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