Rumours that full fuel tanks can explode are false, says UAE’s Adnoc.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) Distribution has dismissed rumors circulating on social media in the UAE about the dangers of filling fuel tanks to full capacity, local media reported.

The rumors in question, which are apparently passed off as official statements, claim that filling a vehicle fuel tank to the brim in the summer can lead to fire or explosions due to scorching temperatures.

“We would like to point out that filling fuel tanks to capacity does not imply any risks as all car fuel tanks are designed to withstand pressure build-up in high temperatures,” said Khalid Hadi, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Adnoc Distribution, in a statement to local newspapers.


Adnoc had also not registered any such incidents previously, Hadi added.“The rumor attributed to us is based on unknown sources, and is therefore completely false,” he added.

Automobile experts say that vehicles manufactured for the Middle East have fuel tanks designed to withstand high summer temperatures, Khaleej Times reported.

All fuel tanks are fitted with relief valves that allow petrol vapors to escape so there are no such dangers involved, it was reported.

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