Qatar to launch infrastructure development projects worth $65bn.


Qatar plans to launch development projects worth $65 billion, according to Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, president of the administrative control and transparency authority.The projects will include building the infrastructure for stadiums, railway networks, roads, highways, bridges, intersections, electricity and water and hotels.

Speaking at the “Qatar Infrastructure Projects” seminar, Al Attiyah said that Qatar’s focus for the future development has shifted away from the oil and gas sector.


“The needs and priorities of the State of Qatar has grown in recent years, where the expansion of the focus now is on other areas outside the oil and gas sectors, including a number of large-scale projects designed to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as other projects for the infrastructure associated with hosting the Qatar World Cup Football 2022.”

The event, hosted by the Overseas Association of Japan, highlighted the role that Japanese construction companies can play in this vision.Attiya noted that the railway project in Qatar, which is estimated to at a cost of $30 million, presents an opportunity for joint cooperation between the two countries.


“Japan’s global expertise in design, engineering and systems integration , operations and safe transportation planning across the rail , and we hope to be Japanese companies involved in this sector in a position to participate in the development project of our network rail, including help in the progress of this ambitious plans effectively,” he said.

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