Qatar is set to welcome 200,000 workers from Pakistan for FIFA 2022 preparations.

Qatar is set to welcome 200,000 workers from Pakistan in the upcoming four years as it constructs the infrastructure to support FIFA World Cup 2022.

According to media news Pakistan’s Provincial Minister Labour and Human Resource, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that two committees had been constituted by the country’s government to identify the professional skills demanded by Qatar and Dubai.

“These committees will provide identity cards, passports, visas, security clearance and vaccinations to the skilled and semi-skilled workers who will be going abroad,” Sarwar said.

“A special cell has also been established in the office of the labour secretary for the provision of 200,000 skilled workforce from Pakistan.”

Sarwar, who visited Qatar in May 2015, added he “assured the Qatari government  that Pakistan will introduce a new concept of skilled workforce under its one window operation that is providing the blue collar workforce with good standards of vocational trainings, security verifications, vaccination, awareness on industrial safety, basic English language and most importantly eliminating fake and visa exploiter companies and non-accredited labour export agents”.

 Government, in collaboration with private sector will train these skilled and semi-skilled workers, who will bring foreign exchange of more than $589.4m (PKR60bn) annually to Pakistan,” the minister continued.

The first batch of skilled workers will leave Pakistan by the end of July 2015.All the arrangements have been made for training the workers at the vocational training institutes of the government situated in Gujranwala, Sheikhupura and Lahore.

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