Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has unveiled huge number of business opportunities in Transportation Sector.

Qatar National Bank

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has unveiled huge number of business opportunities that local companies and Qatari entrepreneurs can seize from the upcoming Qatar Rail project.The opportunities range from providing infrastructure to the tunnel constructions to running retail stores and restaurants at different locations.

QDB, the state-run a financial institution committed to diversify the economy by supporting the Qatari private sector sees a $ 110m worth business opportunities in providing the pre-fabricated tunnel linings for the 80km-long of metro tunnels.Opportunity focuses on supplying the prefabricated concrete elements to maintain contractor and capturing value during construction phase.

Based on the project breakdown prepared by the McKinsey, QDB foresees a $ 200m business opportunity in the manufacturing of protection walls all along the 100km of protection alls to minimize noise, sight and potentially vibrations from railway, including design, manufacture and installation.


Lease of construction equipment and heavy machinery are another key attractive business opportunities. The combined projected business size of the opportunity is $ 625m. The size of the opportunity to own and lease out heavy machinery for construction of rail network for Qatar Rail, including cranes, bulldozers, digging equipment, excavators, loaders and trucks is $ 550m. This opportunity is in addition to the $ 970m business potential involved in the earth work services.

QDB foresees another $ 480m opportunity in the construction of deep foundations for buildings including driving down prefabricated piles into the ground to construction the foundation. Construction of structural frameworks for stations, workshops for rolling stock maintenance, construction of inner (non-structural) building divisions are among other key opportunities on offer. The combined revenue potential from these opportunities has been put $ 1.9bn.

There are opportunities in the construction support service, including materials transportation and heavy trucking. QDB announces there is a $ 12m worth business opportunity in the supply and maintenance of water and plumbing sector like installation and maintenance of water and plumbing system for stations.There is a huge $ 3.6bn opportunity in project management services sector; which the local companies can go seize the opportunity in joint venture in metro phase 1, with increased ownership or leading contractor in phase 2.

Construction of bridges and elevated structures, manufacturing of pre-fabricated concrete elements for elevated structures, supply and maintenance of platform screen doors and sliding doors for stations buildings, operation of self-storage parking solutions, running a chain of retail stores and kiosks, coffee shops and restaurants and maintenance of tunnels are among other business opportunities.

QDB is looking to impact Qatari economy by making a 3 percent contribution to the GDP of Qatar by 2015.

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