Pakistan retaliates against UAE’s criticism over Yemen.

Pakistan Stance about Saudi-Yemen War.
Pakistan Stance about Saudi-Yemen War

Pakistan has hit back at criticism from the UAE over its decision not to participate in the military offensive in Yemen.
In an unusually strongly worded statement released on Sunday night, Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan accused the UAE of “making threats”.

“This is not only ironic but a thought-provoking moment that a minister of UAE is hurling threats at Pakistan,” he said.
“The statement of the UAE minister is in stark violation of all diplomatic norms prevalent according to the principals of international relations.”

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Relations Anwar Gargash used his Twitter account on Saturday to suggest Pakistan was not reciprocating in its relationship with Arab states involved in the Yemen offensive.

“Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,” he wrote in reference to the Gulf’s economic and investment help to the South Asian nation, according to AFP.


He also accused Pakistan of siding with Iran, suggesting in another Tweet that Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries, referring to Turkey’s decision also not to send troops to support the Saudi-led conflict.

The Pakistani parliament’s decision, while still voicing support for the coalition was “contradictory and dangerous and unexpected from Islamabad,” Gargash reportedly said.

Pakistani leaders had travelled to Riyadh in the past week to discuss its support for Operation Decisive Storm and it had been expected they would sent troops to Yemen.

However, on Friday, Pakistan’s parliament voted unanimously not to join the air campaign, offering instead to mediate a solution.

Via : AFP

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