“ONE of the Largest Educational Campuses in the WORLD” under construction in Kuwait.

Sabah Al Salam University City-1
Sabah Al Salam University City,Kuwait

“ONE of the Largest Educational Campuses in the WORLD” is under construction in Kuwait which is famous as ” Sabah Al-Salem University City ” and situated in Shadadiya area of Kuwait.

In May 4, 2004 a decree N. 30/2004 was issued to establish a new university city in Shedadiya to include various colleges and scientific centers as well as facilities to meet the absorptive capacity where HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah representing Sheikh Jabir Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah laid the foundation stone of City of Sabah Al-Salem University with the presence of former minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Rasheed Al-Hamad on February 19, 2005.


In October 2009, In a gesture that carried all meanings of gratitude and loyalty, HH sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah took the initiative to name the new university city by the name of the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah to be ”Sabah Al-Salem University City”.

Sabah Al-Salem University City is located to the south-west of Kuwait City, where approximately 6 million square meters plot was allocated to the University City. The new University City is designed on east west axis, with main campus on east and health sciences campus on the west.

See the Construction Recording of this Prestigious Project: https://youtu.be/8aKy4fMQjhQ


Sabah Al Salam University City includes following Institutional campuses:

Main Campus:

  • College of Business and College of Women (COBW)

  • College of Science and the Faculty Club (COSc)

  • College of Social Science, Shari’a and Law (COSS)

  • College of Art and College of Education (COAE)

  • College of Engineering and Petroleum (COEP)

The Academic Support Facilities (ACSF):

The academic Support Facilities (ACSF) includes the following buildings:

• Men’s Students Housing
• Women’s Students Housing
• Administrative Staff Club
• Model School/Daycare
• Academic Unit
• Waste Management #1 for General Waste
• Waste Management #2 for Hazardous Waste
• Administration and Stores
• Furniture and Housing
• Services Depot (Food depot, Retail depot, Mail depot)
• Construction and Maintenance
• Printing Press
• Service Yard
• Faculty Housing
• Faculty Club
• Faculty Association
• Neighborhood Centre
• Guest Housing


Administration Facilities (ADFA):

It includes following Buildings:

• Central Administration Building
• Conference Center
• Grand Mosque
• Convocation Hall
• Cultural Center
• Central University Library
• Visitor Center

Sports, Athletics and Aquatic Facilities (SAAF):

It includes following Buildings:

• Athletic, Recreation &Aquatic Center Men’s/Student Center
• Athletic, Recreation &Aquatic Center Women’s/Student Center
• Athletic, Recreation Facility East Men’s
• Athletic, Recreation Facility East Women’s
• Indoor Tennis Center
• Grand Stadium
• Outdoor Athletic Facilities
• Information Booths
• Student Union
• Public Transportation Station


Health Sciences Campuses:

  1. College of Medicine
  2.  College of Dentistry
  3.  College of Pharmacy
  4.  College of Allied Health
  5.  College of Public Health
  6.  University Hospital
  7.  Research and Training Centers
  8. Housing Facilities
  9.  Hostel
  10.  Masjid

See the Arial Recording of this Prestigious Project: https://youtu.be/8aKy4fMQjhQ



Special thanks to : Engr. Shahid Mahmood




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