Norway’s Tomra bags waste sorting contract with National Cleaning Company Kuwait

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Norway’s Tomra, an innovative sensor-based equipment provider, has won a contract with National Cleaning Company for (NCC) its new Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sorting plant in Kuwait.The $3.28m plant, which is due to be operational by early 2014, will be capable of processing 40 tonnes per hour of MSW using the latest sensor-based sorting technology.By installing four-sensor based sorting machines, using near infrared (NIR) and visual spectrometers (VIS), the plan will achieve a sorted purity of up to 95%, with final recovery yields of up to 85% – compared to the 10-20% recovery rate achieved by manual or semi-automated techniques.


Kamal Muslmani, regional operations manager at National Cleaning Company, said: “We are confident that we’ve formed the right partnership in Tomra, also our first choice during planning. Its technology will enable us to meet both the quality and quantity demanded by our end markets.” Tasos Bereketidis, ME sales manager at Tomra Sorting, added:

“It’s very exciting to be involved in this new MSW plant. With demand for high quality recovered fractions rapidly increasing, we’re confident that National Cleaning Company will quickly see a significant return on its investment.” MSW contains recyclable fractions such as plastics, mixed paper, cardboard, and metals, and global demand is increasing for these materials, pushing up their market value.
Tomra’s ‘TITECH’ automated technology at the new plant will enable National Cleaning Company to maximise recovery of the plant’s inflow of material by optically sorting LDPE film, PET and HDPE/PP.


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