Next Generation Cars by ” Toyota Motors”.

NS4 Advanced Plug-In Hybrid Concept Vehicle.


Through improvements of conventional technology, as well as pioneering efforts in the application of new technologies, Toyota is taking great steps to develop eco-cars which will help us become a low carbon society and will have very good economical  impact due less usage of conventional fuel. Toyota is innovating new dimensions in these categories.

  • Environmental Technologies.
  • Oil Alternative Fuels
  • Upcoming FCV Development (Fuel Cell Vehicles)
  • Toyota has improved fuel cell vehicle technology, making them more attractive as a long distance zero-emission vehicle.
  •  Next-Generation Secondary Batteries.

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle

Toyota intends to globally launch 11 hybrid car models by the end of 2012. The 11-hybrid car group consists of 7 brand new models and 4 redesigned models.

One of the models launching will be a compact hybrid vehicle, like the FT-CH concept car shown in this picture. Through our addition of this model we aim to expand our lineup of hybrid vehicles, which already includes the sedan, SUV, and minivan models.

Another milestone from Toyota is ” Electric Vehilcle”.Electric vehicles have zero-emissions, and can be easily charged at home by electricity that can be generated from a wide range of sources. Because the supply remains stable, there is no doubt for a promising future for this concept.

While considering current issues, Toyota believes pure EV s serve a suitable and practical use for short distance travel. Toyota is  aiming to begin sales in Japan, U.S., and Europe in 2012.

Let’s see how other car makers will face this challenge…..


Source: Toyota Motors 




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