New rules due to presence of fake engineers, falling wages in Kuwait labor market.

The Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) claims there are many fake and uncertified engineers in Kuwait, so in cooperation with the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE), it decided to rectify the situation in the labor market in favor of certified engineers. According to a PAM administrative circular dated March 11, 2018, all expat engineers working in the private sector have to get certified by KSE in order to renew their work visas, which has resulted in large crowds at the society.

“Expat engineers will benefit from this decision as there are many fake engineers in the country, who have led to the monthly salary of an engineer falling to KD 300. After these uncertified engineers will be gone from the labor market, the salaries of real engineers will rise,” argued Ali Mohseni, member of the board of directors of KSE. He estimated around 40,000 expat engineers work in the private sector. “In the past two weeks, around 4,000 engineers came to get more information and have their certification done. We are under huge pressure as we are dealing with over 300 people daily,” he told Kuwait Times.

Some engineers’ residencies will expire soon and they are worried of getting into legal troubles. “The procedure of receiving the certification from KSE will only take a few days. If their visa expires before getting the certificate, they can always get a two-month extension till they have their papers ready. Applicants have to pay KD 30 for the certificate by KSE,” explained Mohseni.

In order to get certified by KSE, an engineer should be a graduate of an accredited university. “Those who graduated from universities that are not recognized by their own countries won’t be able to hold the title of ‘engineer’ in their work permit. Those who have graduated from a recognized university will either have to pass a test (for those who graduated before 2010) or just an interview (for those who graduated after 2010). The interview is held by an academic committee consisting of doctors from Kuwait University and engineers from inside and outside Kuwait. The test is in English, and the results should be ready in four days,” he pointed out.

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