Motherhood!!!!Woman throws son to safety before being killed by broken escalator.

A woman in China was fatally dragged into an escalator in a horrifying incident caught on CCTV at a department store in Jingzhou City in central China.

In the video, a floor panel appears to give way under the women the moment she steps off the top of the elevator. The woman plunges through the floor, but not before she manages to toss her small child safely into the arms of bystanders.

Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua reported that the 30-year-old woman, Xiang Liujuan, died at Jingzhou Shashi Anliang department store on Sunday. Her son, who was thrown to safety, is less than three years old.


It took emergency responders nearly four hours to retrieve her body from the inner chambers of the escalator, according to local reports.

The Los Angeles Times, citing local publications, reported that pieces of the escalator were known to be missing at the time of the collapse.

It is not clear if the two store employees standing at the top of the escalator are aware that there was something wrong with it, but they appear to be standing off to one side, away from the floor panel that dropped out from underneath the woman.

Chinese social media users have expressed outrage at the incident and are demanding answers from the shopping center. The cause of the broken panel is still being investigated.

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