Ministry of Education of Kuwait will Provide ” Laptops” to students in Govt. Schools.

Laptops for StudentsThe Ministry of Education is about to sign a contract to purchase laptops to be distributed to students in government high schools.The Assistant Secretary for Information and Planning and the Head of Executive Team of Strategic Electronic Learning at the Ministry of Education Dr Khaled Al-Rashid has affirmed that the Ministry is on the verge of signing a KD 28 million contract to purchase 80,000 laptops to be distributed in schools in all six education zones.
Dr Al-Rashed discussed the logistics of the contract which covers the reception, storage, maintenance and relationship between the education zones directors and the contracted companies.
The laptops will be for teachers and students in the high schools, as the first phase of implementation of e-learning in government schools.
Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Affairs in the Ministry of Health Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi says the ministry has endorsed Health Management programs in the schools.Al-Sahlawi added that necessary approval has been given for implementation of the program in two or three months after the ministry’s Undersecretary Dr Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi has finalized procedures in that regard.
He added that the program will focus on eyes, ears and physical fitness, in addition to cure and remedy. He stressed on the need to have specialized medical facilities for ears and eyes, among other ailments. Those facilities will save students time moving in between medical centers for diagnosis and treatment, he indicated.
In the meantime, Dean of Student Affairs at Kuwait University Dr Abdul Rahim Dhiab said on Sunday that the student allowance would be disbursed at the end of next April retroactively from last January.
Dhiab said in a statement that his statement is a correction of a previous statement of minister of finance on January 31 in this regard, who stated that the student allowance would be disbursed in a retroactive effect from January 18 to March 31, saying that the disbursement will be at the end of next April.
He said that each student would receive KD 500.

Source : Al-Watan Daily

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