Middle East’s Largest Hospital is near to Completion in Kuwait.


Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital(JAJASH)-Kuwait,is one of the major Health Care facilities in the Gulf region, providing state-of-the-art medical services is near to its completion.

The unique Islamic geometric configuration of the design plays an important role in the function of the hospital and the distribution of its various departments.


As a major medical center, the hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services. It comprises Diagnostic and Treatment services, Trauma Center and Casualty services, Outpatient services, Dental services, Ob/Gyn services, Inpatient Care services, VVIP Suites for the Visiting Heads of States and also another wing for VIP Suites.

Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital(JAJASH) consists of :


Architectural and Conceptual Engineering Design was carried out by Langdon Wilson International of USA, while Gulf Consult has been responsible for all detailed Engineering and Landscape Design, Cost Control and Tender Documentation.



Project General Information:

Site Area 224,180 m2
Total Hospital Area 469,370 m2
Total Built-up Area 720,000 m2
Highest Point 65 m
Lowest Point -22 m
Concrete Volume 650,000 m3
Reinforcement Steel Volume 75,000 m3
Parking Number 5,000 cars
Ambulances 50 cars
Supervision and Design Langdon Wilson, in association with Gulf Consult, (LWI/GC)
Contractor The Arab Contractors
Budget 303,998,000 KWD


Technology used in this Project:

The first project in Kuwait that uses the "Prolog" program, which helps to expedite the processes in signing checklists, approving working drawings, and helping in requested information without using papers.

 The first project in Kuwait that recycles plastic & papers.The first project in Kuwait that uses 7 HD cameras allover the project to monitor the construction from anywhere in the world.We have a high standard for safety for the workers and the engineers on site. To prevent from fatal and minor injuries.


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