Las Vegas concert attack leaves 20 people dead and 100 injured.

A deadly shooting at a country music festival attended by 40,000 people in Las Vegas has been described by one witness as a "horror show".More than 20 people have been killed and over 100 were wounded in the attack.Concertgoer Ivetta Saldana said gunfire rang out during a performance by country singer Jason Aldean who was rushed off stage.She said the gunshots sounded like fireworks and when it happened people tried to take cover, and she hid in a sewer.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, she said: "It was a horror show. People were standing around, then they hit the floor."There are indications the gunfire came from above, in the direction of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel tower.Witness Kodiak Yazzi said he saw flashes of light coming from the hotel across the Las Vegas Boulevard.He said he saw dozens of ambulances as he ran for safety.Another witness said she could hear gunfire for the four to five minutes it took her to leave the venue at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.

Monique Dumas said: "We were watching Jason Aldean at the end of the stage, about six rows from the front when my sister and I heard what sounded like a bottle breaking or dropping to the ground."And you kind of just look around and then seconds later you hear like a 'pop, pop, pop' and your first reaction you think it's like fireworks or firecrackers that somebody is setting off, and it happens again and you realize this is not."So everyone crouched and got down, and then it stops, you could of stand up again for a second, then the security, I think someone had got shot, someone was hurt on that side and then the gunfire started again."She added: "From when we started moving, like wanting to get out of there, it took us about four to five minutes, and all that time there was gunfire the whole time."

Via : Sky News/BBC


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