Kuwaiti woman earns global recognition in Malaysia

Malaysia honored Chairperson of Kuwait’s Women’s Cultural and Social Society Lulwa Al-Mulla with the Muslim World Rania award in recognition of her contributions to women rights in Kuwait and Muslim world. The award was received by Al-Mulla’s son, Saleh Al-Nafisi, during a ceremony held at the conclusion of the Muslim World Business and Investment Zone on Friday.

Layla Rani, director of the event, said that Mulla has major social and cultural contributions in Kuwait as well as in Muslim worlds and internationally. She commended Mulla campaigning for women’s rights and empowerment. Rani also praised Kuwait’s contributions to Muslim countries and the rest of the world.

She added the event’s magazine highlighted the scientific, economic and social development in Kuwait. The Muslim World Rania Award is presented in recognition of amazing efforts by great women leaders and to appreciate their feat in all sections of life. Honored by the business and investment magazine ‘OIC TODAY,’ this year’s award was extended to 12 women from Kuwait, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Azerbaijan, Qatar and Iran.

Via: Kuwait Times

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