Kuwaiti Public Works Ministry to re-launch hospitals project.

The Kuwait  Ministry of Public Works has allegedly started revising all papers and documents to re-launch four projects — the Maternity, Bin Sina, Al-Razi and Children hospitals, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting sources. Sources said this came after the ministry sent an official letter to the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) demanding for the cancellation of these projects. Sources added the CTC asked the ministry to send its representative to a meeting that will be held soon to discuss justifications for its demand to cancel the projects according to the media reports.

Sources revealed the ministry decided to relaunch the projects since the necessary steps have been taken to avoid the previous mistakes. Earlier, Minister Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim formed a committee to revise the contracts in order to prepare technical report to make decisions related to the cancellation or continuation of the projects. Meanwhile, MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran stressed the need for highlevel planning to implement latest and advanced methods for executing projects, which will guarantee the accomplishment of priorities within a record time.


In a press statement, MP Al-Jeeran indicated that the main requirements for this are the knowledge of planning methodology and administration of operations, adding that the matter demands capacity building in the ministries and civil society organizations in order to be at par with the current developments. He warned against misrepresentation of the understanding of the country’s high-level strategies as stipulated by the Constitution through direct statements or inferences. He revealed that the Constitution compels the activation of high-level security, military, social and cultural strategies, indicating that it is better to analyze the strategies thoroughly with the cooperation of legal and constitutional experts before forwarding them to the National Assembly.

Al-Jeeran further indicated that using the results of questionnaires to ensure the acceptance of priorities in the next phase is a good idea. In another development, irregularities have allegedly been discovered in the admission procedures at Saad Al-Abdullah for Security Sciences, reports Alam Al-Yawm daily quoting sources. Sources revealed the Admission Committee approved the list of students who passed the admission tests and then forwarded it to the administration of the academy before submitting to the Ministry of Interior for approval. Sources said the administration of the academy purportedly removed 21 students from the list and replaced them with those who failed the tests in front of the committee, which did not put any remarks in order not raise doubts on the admission list.

Via: Al-Seyassah daily

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