Kuwaiti man deems $202,066 bank error “a gift from God”.

A Kuwaiti man has refused to immediately return $202,066 (57,000 dinars) that was wrongly deposited in his bank, claiming it was “a gift from God”, according to a report in Gulf News.


Nafel Azimi deposited a cheque for 57 dinars, but the bank clerk added three zeros, turning it into 57,000 dinars.After seeing the error and having waiting for a period of time, Azimi reportedly went to another branch of the bank and withdrew the full amount.

Posting on Twitter, Nafel Azimi said he intends to use the money for a trip to Morocco.The young Kuwaiti man said he has consulted legal advice, and does intend repay the amount, but over an extended period of time.

“It is a gift from God and I will use it,” he said.

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