Kuwaiti gold medalist’s $16,500-a-month ‘reward’ for next four years.

A Kuwaiti gold medallist will be rewarded a monthly salary of over $16,500 for ‘honouring his country’ in the Olympic Games this year.Fehaid Al Deehani will receive the amount for four years until the next Olympic Games in 2020, revealed Gulf Daily News.He will reportedly fly home on a private jet belonging to Kuwait Airways as part of his home welcoming.Al Deehani won the men’s double trap gold last week in the final match against Italian Marco Innocenti.


The marksman, who is a Kuwaiti army officer, competed as an Independent Olympic Athlete (IOA) due to Kuwait’s suspension from the games over its government interference in sport.At the games’ opening ceremony on Friday, he refused to raise the Olympic Committee’s flag, telling local media, “I am a military man and I will only carry the Kuwait flag. I cannot carry the IOC flag.

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