Kuwait will Explore its “Shale Oil & Gas Deposits”

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Kuwait has started a study to assess its shale-oil deposits, Hassania Hashim, deputy managing director for northern Kuwait, Kuwait Oil co. (KOC) told to media.

In the same context, KOC identified a shale gas deposit and it will “soon” venture into developing the resource, Chairman and Managing Director Sami al-Rushaid told a March 10 at an oil and gas conference in Manama, Bahrain, without disclosing any details.

The company also plans to expand development of sour, or high-sulfur, gas deposits, to nearly triple the production capacity to 2.5 billion cubic feet a day of gas by 2030, he said.


Kuwait lacks the experience to develop more challenging unconventional gas resources on its own and it must resort to international oil companies, said Kamil al-Harami, an independent oil analyst based in Kuwait.

“If the Kuwaitis don’t specify a deadline for the project and don’t seek help from international companies, then their plans to develop the shale and sour gas deposits are just daydreams,” he added.


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