Kuwait will Construct International Standard ” CAR RACING” Track.

Kuwait Car Racing Track

The leader of Super Shop team for car racing affirmed on Sunday his willingness to handle all expenses for construction of a private racetrack for drag racing contests in Kuwait. The major goal behind constructing the racetrack is to contribute in minimizing road accidents resulting from “negative” practices of this type of motorsports by some reckless individuals, which cost the country losses of lives, specifically the youth segment, team leader Jaber Al-Sarraf told to media.


Al-Sarraf pointed out that the future of motorsports in Kuwait, particularly drag racing, has become everyone’s responsibility without any exception, asserting that it has also become an imperative on all, whether racers or representatives for Kuwaiti sports, to initiate in developing radical solutions and make all efforts to support Kuwaiti sports in a way that guarantees its development and continuation.


In addition, he called on all to cooperate in supporting motorsports in Kuwait, affirming that he is putting his financial and spiritual abilities at the disposalof constructing a racetrack of international standards in order to practice drag racing sport, which attracts a large segment of Kuwaiti youth. Furthermore, the Super Shop team leader expressed his confidence in the response of founders of motorsports in Kuwait, especially the Public Authority for Youth and Sport (PAYS), members of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Motor Sports Club, and members of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Quarter Mile Club.

Via : Kuwait News Agency

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