Kuwait University’s New Campus Building.(SAAF).

SAAF Kuwait University Campus

SAAF the Student Activities and Athletic Facilities, at Kuwait University’s new Sabah Al-Salem University City Campus.

The SAAF  is  designed for a student population of 40,000 and includes the following indoor and outdoor sports and

recreational facilities distributed throughout the campus:

  1. Athletic,Recreation and Aquatic Centres (Male & Female)
  2. Student Centres and Student Union
  3. Athletic and Recreational Facilities (Male and Female)
  4. Information Centres (2)
  5. Men’s Outdoor Facilities
  6. Tennis Centre (2,000 seat)
  7. Track and Field Stadium (15,000 seat)
  8. Public Transportation Station

These ‘shared’ facilities will be used by students from all academic concentrations and therefore have the unique  ability to foster cross disciplinary interaction and to provide students and faculty from different Colleges within the Campus venues to share ideas.The SAAF is designed to comply with a LEED Silver rating. 

The Project outline:

Location :                                   Sabah Al Salim Al Sabah Univercity City, Shadadiya

Client:                                           Kuwait University

Site Area :                                    205,053 m2

Gross Area :                                145,832 m2

Floors :                                         Typically low rise buildings up to 5 floors


For more details (Consultants etc..) about this project please contact us at : bizunit@worldcentre.me

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  • December 16, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    who is the design consultant on this project?

    • December 16, 2012 at 10:16 PM

      Gulf Consult is design Consultant. For further information u can contact to our Business Deptt. at : bizunit@worldcentre.me

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