Kuwait plans to build $6.6bn industrial city “Al Nayeem”.

The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) plans to set up a multipurpose industrial city in the state with total expected investments of $6.6 billion, an official said yesterday during a session of the Kuwait Investment Forum. PAI Acting General Manager Abdulkareem Taqi said that the government would put in place the infrastructure for the city at an estimated cost of $600 million and would
target around $6 billion in investments from the private sector to develop the bulk of the project.

The Al-Nayeem industrial city, to be located 70 km west of the capital Kuwait City, will include industrial facilities as well as residential and leisure projects, Taqi said, adding that the city would be able to house 50,000 people. The official said that infrastructure work for the project is xpected to be completed by 2021.

He said Nayeem will offer easy access to the Mubarak AlKabeer Port, and the possibility to attract international expertise in establishing and managing the city. “It marks our focus on shifting from creating industrial zones to smart integrated cities that complement the goals of Vision 2035. The Al-Nayeem industrial city will focus on diversifying our industrial base,
bringing high-end technology and creating higher value-addition. It will be an innovative, green city development powered by solar energy, and with smart buildings,” Taqi added.


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