Kuwait offers 60 days amnesty to thousands of expats.

More than 33,000 residency violators who are registered with suspended companies will be granted a grace period of 60 days from June 1 to Aug 1 to legalize their status.

According to Abdullah Al-Motoutah, director of the Manpower Public Authority, the grace period coincides with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan and would allow violators to either transfer their work permits to other sponsors or cancel them to leave.


“This grace period was given for both humanitarian reasons as well as to give employers a chance to make use of the expertise of those laborers who are already in Kuwait instead of recruiting new ones and waiting for their arrival, needless to mention the time new recruits would wait to gain enough experience,” he explained.

Motoutah added that his organization was coordinating with the interior ministry to halt the arrest of violating laborers in this category to give them a chance to use the grace period.

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