Kuwait-Minor car accidents rule begins today.

The Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior has announced that articles 41/2 and 41/5 of the Traffic Law and its amendments, which allow police stations to issue reconciliation order for minor traffic accidents, will be fully implemented starting from July 1, 2018.

In a press statement, the department explained that the objective of this measure is for the public to save effort and time whenever they are involved in minor traffic accidents. The ministry is keen on ensuring speedy processing of transactions, given that the new procedure was first implemented in the Capital Governorate on experimental basis and now it is enforced in other governorates as well, the statement added.

The new reconciliation law for minor accidents obliges parties involved in an accident which does not result in injuries or deaths, or if the vehicles do not become immobile, they must move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road to avoid obstruction of traffic.

The new law stipulates that if the parties involved in the accident fail to settle the issue, the person found liable must pay KD20 to the Traffic Sector and then send the reconciliation note to the insurance company accompanied by the other party who will receive compensation.

This procedure does not require sending documents to court and it is accomplished within a short period, while the concerned personnel at police stations have undergone necessary training courses which allow parties involved in a minor accident to go to the nearest police station where they will be issued the reconciliation order without waiting for traffic police to process the transaction.

However, if the parties involved do not remove their vehicles from the road and decide to wait for traffic police, a citation will be issued for obstructing traffic as per Article 133 of the executive decree on the Traffic Law amended by ministerial decision number 2934/2016. The statement concluded that this procedure is aimed at preventing traffic congestion by opening roads as quickly as possible after a minor accident.



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