Kuwait Finance House (KFH Bank) in KWD 4.5 mln deal with Toyota.


The executive director of cars financing at Kuwait Finance House “KFH” Ahed Al-Issa said the deal concluded by the “KFH” with Al-Sayer Agency, included purchasing “Toyota” cars of different models of KD 4.5 million. This deal will contribute to the provision of good offers to KFH’s clients.Besides; it promotes relations of cooperation and partnership with car dealerships within the strategy adopted in supporting the market and boosting its abilities as one of the most important market leaders.

Al-Issa mentioned in a press statement that the deal included more than 400 Toyota cars Models 2013, ranging from jeeps and types of salon, Land Cruiser Prado FG Cruiser and Camry.


He added” The cars will be directed to enhance the service of leasing, and will contribute to strengthen KFH base. He went on to say that KFH has started the leasing both lease to own and lease with maintenance, with competitive prices to meet the aspirations of the clients within the excellent facilities , where lease to own prices range from KD 95 for the Camry and KD 279 for the Land Cruiser cars.

Al-Issa assured that the leasing service in KFH is growing on a regular basis in terms of demand and rates of leasing as well as in terms of the expansion of launching new models of cars. KFH meets the needs of clients by providing most brands; especially that KFH is keen on providing added value to leasing with maintenance and comprehensive insurance and other benefits.

Moreover Al-Issa noted that the client can contract directly to take advantage of various lease offers provided by “KFH” and that’s by visiting one of the four showrooms Shuwaikh, Farwaniya , Alrai and Baitak Showroom in the Ahmadi Industrial Area.


Al-Issa underlined the depth of the relationship between “KFH” and car dealerships, particularly Al-Sayer agency and that this deal comes in the framework of continuous and fruitful cooperation between the two sides, where their partnership has its roots in the long years and has witnessed many joint projects and activities.

It’s worth mentioning that the prices of car leasing are: Toyota Land Cruiser KD 279 per month, lease to own KD 209 per month. lease with maintenance Toyota Prado KD 189 and lease to own KD 169, and added that the lease with maintenance and lease to own for Toyota FG is KD179, while lease with maintenance for Toyota Camry KD 125 and lease to own KD 95.

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