Kuwait Economy is Booming Day By Day.Kuwait will spend $274bn for its development projects.

Booming Economy of Kuwait


Driving the growth in projects is the fast-paced population rises, robust economy and surging oil prices, the business intelligence firm CPH World Media has said in its report that other parts of the world like USA,Europe are facing sever financial problems but middle eastern region specially Kuwait  is enjoying its booming economy day by day.

According to the report, the Kuwaiti government is expected to invest $3bn into the building industry in the coming five years, while the value of private projects is expected to top $8bn.

Major developments which have already begun construction work include the $14bn Al-Zour refinery, the $3.3bn Failaka Island development, the $2bn planned expansion of Kuwait International Airport (KIA) and a major road development programme including the construction of an eighth ring road.


Link: [Construction Week]

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