Kuwait-Delay affected infrastructure of 18,519 plots in Mutla’a residential city project.

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare Kuwait said the rate of delay caused by the Chinese contractor to implement the second contract in the Mutla’a residential city has affected the infrastructure of 18,519 plots in 8 suburbs, up to more than 35 percent, after the actual completion rate of 28.56 percent compared to 63.65 percent work as per the contractual terms and conditions. However, the actual rate of achievement in February rose by only 1.64 percent from January.

The daily has learned from its own sources that the contractor has taken precautionary measures against the continued delay of the project after the official warning, noting that the completion of work in the 8 suburbs need 5,000 workers, but currently there are only about 3,500. The sources pointed out that the Authority will decide on its decision in terms of continued delay at the end of next April as per the legal aspect contained in the contract signed between the parties according to several scenarios which may terminate the contract or continue to give a final deadline to rectify the situation.

The monthly report of the implementation sector revealed last February that Al-Mutla’a residential project in its first contract on the main roads and infrastructure services under the implementation of the Italian-Turkish alliance witnessed a rise in the actual completion rate to 57.41 percent higher than the 46.57 percent of the contractual rate.

On the N1 and N4 segments, the report indicated that the contractor has completed the infrastructure of 4,999 plots in the first and fourth sections and continues to exceed the actual completion rate in excess of the contract rate, reaching a realistic rate of 22.89% compared to the 21.26% assumed contract rate. The completion of the N2 and N3 infrastructure for 4,770 plots, with a slight delay of the actual rate of 20.12 percent, compared to 22.62 percent contractual, and the four suburbs are expected to be completed in March next year after their implementation in March 2018.

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