Kuwait arrests 83 women for online soliciting.

Security authorities in Kuwait have arrested 83 European women suspected of online soliciting.

The women promoted themselves on social networks and said they wanted 150 dinars (Dh1,817) for illicit relations, security sources told local daily Al Seyassah.

The police monitored their moves until they were certain about their illegal activities, arrested them and referred them to the authorities, the sources added.

The police also arrested seven people from different nationalities for entering Kuwait using forged European passports, the daily reported on Wednesday.


According to the sources, the suspects left their countries of origin using their regular passports, but upon arriving in a Gulf country, they were given forged European passports that allow their holders to receive entry visas into Kuwait upon arrival.

The Kuwaiti authorities have informed the concerned Gulf and European countries about the forged passports and the scheme used by the suspects.

Kuwait grants entry visas upon arrival to nationals from 34 countries. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens do not require visas to enter or live in Kuwait.

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