Kuwait announces Sidon heritage project in Lebanon

Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development


The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) has announced a contract to renovate and expand the facilities at the History Museum of Sidon in South Lebanon.

The project aims to highlight the heritage of the ancient Phoenician settlement of Sidon, and to support the modern city’s cultural and touristic activities, KFAED said in a statement, adding that the contract signing is due to take place next Monday.


The project includes the renovation of an existing two-storey museum, the renewal of a 2,000m2 ceiling to protect the ancient relics and the construction of a new 1,600m2 building for complex inside the city’s archaeological site, the statement noted.

KFAED has granted Lebanon 20 loans signs 1966, worth of total of $612m, for the implementation of projects across sectors including health, agriculture, transport and communications.

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