Kuwait Airways opens new operations control center.

Kuwait Airways opened its integrated operations control center yesterday as part of its plan to enhance the operations sector. The center has two sections – a control center and an airplane dispatch department.The center is equipped with state-of-the-art systems that can organize a large number of flights simultaneously and deal with all circumstances.

Kuwait Airways Chairman Yousuf Al-Jassem said during the center’s opening, in the presence of President of the Civil Aviation Directorate Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Hmoud Al-Sabah, that KAC is keen on having the most modern systems in the field of aviation regardless of cost.

He said KAC’s responsibility makes it imperative that it provides the best services to achieve aviation safety and secure aircraft and passenger lives, so financial cost should not stand in the way of achieving quality and comfort for customers.Jassem expects the number of passengers to reach 4.5 million per year, adding KAC has the lion’s share.

He said Kuwait Airways seeks honest competition with other carriers, be they Kuwaiti or foreign. About the supporting KAC terminal and its operation, Jassem said it is another dream that everyone is seeking to realize, adding the terminal is expected to be handed to the Civil Aviation Directorate this month, and it will be handed to Kuwait Airways as soon as it is received. He hoped that KAC will start operations from the new terminal this month, as the Civil Aviation Directorate and the operating company will sign an agreement on May 8.



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