Kuwait Airways looking to hire ‘experienced’ COO.

Kuwait Airways is looking to hire a Western candidate who has worked in regional airlines as the new chief operating officer (COO) of the company, a local daily reported yesterday. Hiring a new COO is a priority for KAC as it looks also to find suitable candidates for the general manager and financial manager posts, according to a ‘high level source’ in the company quoted by Al-Qabas daily yesterday.


The KAC is very serious about its bid, to the point that it has hired a company to ‘snatch’ qualified candidates with successful work experience in those fields, said the sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The company was close to hire ‘an experienced Western candidate’ to work as a financial manager, but he refused in favor of an offer valued triple that of the KAC, the sources said. The issue is expected to be discussed during a meeting between the management and the labor committee at the KAC next week, the sources said.

KAC building The KAC is looking to contact high-ranking state officials in order to convince the government to allow them to keep their building in Kuwait City. An ultimatum given to the KAC to evacuate its ageing building on Helali Street ends on May 5, 2014.


Sources within the KAC management revealed that company officials are trying to persuade the government to allow them to subject the building to major maintenance projects instead. The KAC had sent a letter to the Cabinet in February in which they expressed willingness to carry out maintenance on the building, or even demolishing it and building a new one in its place. The Finance Minister refused, however, citing a Fatwa and Legislation Department clause which allows it to end the building’s lease contract.

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