Kuwait Airport said to upgrade security after UK, US warnings.

Plans are being made to improve security at Kuwait International Airport, a local daily has reported days after British Airways denied it had complained to authorities of lax procedures.

Arabic daily Al Rai said US aviation security authorities also had urged security upgrades at the ailing airport six months ago.Both countries threatened to suspend its national carriers from flying to Kuwait if security loopholes were not fixed, the daily claimed.

British Airways told Arabian Business in a statement on Sunday: “We continue to operate to Kuwait as normal. We do not comment on rumor or speculation.”


On Wednesday, Al Rai reported British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told Kuwaiti authorities during a recent visit that security measures were not sufficient and urged more to be done to avoid US and UK airlines from suspending flights to the country.

In response, the Kuwaiti government had established a committee to investigate and prepare a report on the issue, including recommendations, Al Rai said.

Measures may include training for airport staff, installing more advanced inspection devices, tightening inspection procedures, improving control and accounting systems and tougher sanctions against non-diligent and negligent staff, the daily said.

Via : Al Rai News Paper

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