Kuwait-About 689 ‘expat employees’ in two ministries receive termination letters.

About 689 expatriate employees of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Thursday received letters of termination, as part of implementation of Kuwaitization policy based on decision No. 11/2017 of Civil Service Commission (CSC) regarding reduction of expatriates working in the government sector.

In this regard, Minister of Health Dr Bassel Al-Sabah ended the services of 253 non-Kuwaiti employees working in the designations that were earmarked by CSC for implementation of Kuwaitization. According to the decision, the termination of their services will come into effect in July.

Also, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has notified 436 expatriate employees about the termination of their services in the ministry from June 30. Informed sources explained that the affected employees are from various departments of the ministry, but majority of them are from the Mosques Sector

The decisions to terminate these employees came as a surprise and without any warning, especially since the ministry, one week ago, had published job openings in which 150 people applied and were accepted for interview.The sources insisted that the decisions to terminate the expatriate workers lacked any criteria, especially since those affected by the decisions received high-grade in their performance appraisals. Several of them worked in areas which has very low number of people who are interested in such jobs.

They indicated that the decisions also involved those in positions which were not listed for implementation of Kuwaitization, adding that contracts of several of them were due to end in September 2018.Meanwhile, the Allocations Committee of the Municipal Council has approved requests from Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to allocate a site for retail and wholesale branches in Jabriya area, as well as recruit and employ domestic workers for the activities of cooperative societies. According to the Secretary General of Municipal Council Yousef Al-Saqa’abi, the decisions were taken during a recent meeting chaired by Engineer Mohammad Bushahri.



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