KOC in final consultations to launch ‘solar energy’ project

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is holding final consultations to launch the long-awaited project to generate power through solar energy to extract heavy oil at the giant Ritqa field to produce heavy Fars oil.

The sources said the project will be experimental during the first phase of production of 60,000 barrels per day, which will provide most of the power required for this project in a sustainable manner, which will reduce production costs and enhance energy security.

A key factor in generating power, which is an important part of the operational cost of heavy oil fields, is the type of fuel used, so solar steam generation stands out as a promising technical opportunity to reduce these costs to a minimum.

The KOC is planning to develop its production of heavy oil to produce 60,000 barrels of heavy crude per day by the end of 2019, and then increases it to 350 thousand through the use of enhanced oil extraction techniques, including the injection of steam in the ground to heat heavy oil, which reduces the wire and facilitates the process take it to the surface and increase production.

KOC needs methodologies and thermal methods to extract improved oil for the development of high-viscosity oil, which has proven to be expensive in Kuwait. Heavy oil production is a key component of Kuwait’s plans to increase its oil production to 4 million bpd by 2020.

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