Iran’s railway; one of the fastest growing networks in world.

Iran is hosting the second international exhibition of rail transportation, related industries and equipment known as Iran Rail Expo 2014. Tens of companies from Iran, Germany, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, and Austria have showcased their latest achievements in the show. The exhibition is the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

Iran is a manufacturer of rail products. According to official reports the country has exported 500 freight cars to Cuba, 1000 freight cars to Syria, 70 passenger wagon to Bangladesh, and 200 freight cars to Sudan in recent years. It is also planning to export railway cars to Iraq, Bangladesh, and some African countries.


Iran currently has over 8000 km of standard railways; some almost 40 million tons of goods and over 30 million passengers are transported annually by the rail transportation network in Iran. Iran’s railway network is indeed a bridge which connects Asia to Europe.

With up to 500 km of new lines per year Iran has one of the fastest growing networks in the world. By 2015, Iran expects to reach every regional capital by rail, therefore it is considered as the biggest market for rail-related industries in West Asia. Moreover, Iran has launched the electrification process of certain lines which will cause trains to travel at 200 km/h.

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