Iran Pakistan gas project will boost industrial sector in this region.

Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project must be completed before 2015 while coal reserves must be utilized to overcome the energy crisis, says expert.Talking to Radio Pakistan, Energy sector expert Dr. Gul Faraz said that the government can overcome the energy crisis by developing people-friendly policies.

“Public policies succeed only in case if people become part of those policies after finding them beneficial”, he added.He added that the elected governments prioritize the basic needs of common people while making policies. He further said that gas in Pakistan is not sufficient for the needs of the country and IP gas pipeline will be a boost for industrial sector. Gul Faraz said that steps should be taken on emergency basis and that is the only way to handle the crisis.


He said that provision of gas to industrial sector has been suspended in winter season for the last two or three years but now this practice should be changed.“Supply of gas to industrial sector should be ensured to increase production” he said.

He added that the government should take steps on emergency basis to complete the IP gas pipeline project because Pakistan will have to pay a fine according to international laws if the project was not completed in the proposed time.He was of the view that provision of gas to industrial sector will lead to an increase in production and subsequently a rise in national income will be a bonus.

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