Innovation in Construction Industry….Azizi to use Tesla Cyber Trucks for site visits by end-2021.

Dubai-based real estate developer Azizi Developments that is developing the $3.2bn megaproject Azizi Riviera, revealed that it has pre-ordered 10 Tesla Cybertrucks, which was launched last week, to take customers on site visits, with chief executive officer Farhad Azizi having told Construction Week, delivery of the electricity-powered SUVs is expected by the end of 2021.

Speaking about the expected value of energy savings that the developer intends to make using Tesla Cybertruck, Azizi told Construction Week: “Acquisition costs of Tesla’s Cybertruck are very reasonable as well, especially when compared to our current fleet of German and American brands. Most importantly, though, beyond monetary savings, this is a monumental step towards sustainability and preserving the environment of the world we live in.”

“With it being an electricity-powered vehicle, we will be saving thousands of dirhams every month in fuel and maintenance costs,” Azizi added.

Commenting on the developer’s choice of Tesla Cybertruck over other vehicles of the same brand, Azizi said: “The Cybertruck perfectly suits our needs for customer site visits. With its outstanding off-roading capability and size, an entire family can fit comfortably in a single vehicle, and can visit new sites that may not have infrastructure in place yet.

“It is also one of the safest vehicles out there with its ultra-hard exoskeleton, and one of the most eye-catching and iconic EVs, making it an exciting mode of transport for our customers.”

Azizi told Construction Week that the company plans to replace its existing fleet with Tesla Cybertrucks, adding that the EVs will be used for site visits across all of the developer’s projects.

Source : Construction Week Online

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