Hyperloop signs self-driving vehicle agreement with Gaussin.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT) has partnered with Gaussin, the leading French logistics engineering corporation, to develop a self-driving vehicles freight system.

The new AIV HyperloopTT electric self-driving vehicles will be assigned to transport and carry containers for the Hyperloop Freight System from port to the HyperloopTT freight system using a lateral transfer module.

The new freight will maximise HyperloopTT’s overall productivity and help shorten transfer time and station stops as well as reduce overall costs.

“This partnership has enabled us to leverage our expertise in the field of electric driverless container transport and port activities, which is the legacy business of Gaussin,” said Gaussin Group managing director Christophe Gaussin.

Also commenting on the partnership, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies chief executive officer Andres de Leon believed Gaussin will play a critical role in bringing their freight solutions to reality.

“The interest in bringing Hyperloop to the world’s overcrowded ports and freight systems is very high,” de Leon added.“Because of the system’s speed, efficiency, economic benefits, and low carbon footprint, Hyperloop is on its way to becoming the new standard in transport solutions for the 21st century.”

Via: Construction Week Online

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